Welcome to Bardic Media

At Bardic Media, we tell stories - your stories.

The Person

Who am I?

My name is Levi Bosch, and I'm a student of Media Production at Ryerson University. 

I fill my time creating things, usually digital, through software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or After Effects.

The Products

Video Editing/Motion Graphics

I can compile pre-recorded video and images into a full-length video with professional timing, transitions, and audio to match.

I can also add motion graphics to it, if you wish for words, shapes, and images to animate across the video.

Graphic Design

I can make you posters, handouts, menus, logos, etc. I can edit images you have to match your brand image. If you have an idea that you'd love to get off the ground, but aren't quite sure if it's feasible, talk to me about it! I'm able and willing to adapt to your vision.

Social Media Package

Social media is more important than ever.

It’s common for everyone to have an online presence. Even organizations!

But many people don’t have the time to create a quality weekly or even bi-weekly post. 

I can offer a solution:

A stockpile of pre-made posts at your fingertips.

You can then draw from these posts in order to advertise, inform, and reflect your organization's culture with the online world.

These posts could include:

The Process

The Discovery Phase. We figure out three things: What you want the product to look like. How much of that product I can make for you. What assets I need from you to make the product.

The Creation Phase. The product is produced. This includes a design phase, where I make multiple drafts from which you choose. After this, I make the product and share it with you.

The Editing Phase. This is when you look at the product, offer suggestions, and make sure that I’ve met your expectations. If needed, I go back and update the content, and voilà, you have your product.

The Pricing

My default price is $45 CAD/hour. This includes meeting time beforehand, draft creation, and final edits on your request, but most of the time is actual product design.

The 50 hour block deal.

You can purchase 50 hours of work for the discounted price of $30/hour! This is best for mass projects, like the social media stockpile, or many video projects.